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Jethro Tull releases new song “Hammer On Hammer”

Ian Anderson

Classic Rock

Jethro Tull releases new song “Hammer On Hammer”

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic forced everybody to stay more at home for a long time, the musicians stopped touring for more than a year and that gave them time to write a lot of music. Groups that didn’t release new material for more than a decade are now releasing new records. Jethro Tull released in 2022 “The Zealot Gene”, their first album in 19 years, but they wrote so much during the past years that they will now release another album called “RökFlöte”.


The band recently shared “Hammer On Hammer”, their most recent single of the new record that will be out next April 21. According to an official statement, the track takes inspiration from the “god Thor, a loyal & honourable warrior who wears a powerful symbolic belt and wields a hammer. His mortal enemy & nemesis was Jormungand the sea-serpent.”

The record will have 12 tracks is based on the characters and roles of some of the principle gods of the old Norse paganism.

Hear the new Jethro Tull song “Hammer On Hammer”

“Hammer On Hammer” Lyrics

“Was there a time when I was Jupiter,
Ringed like Saturn, with sacred belt?
Anvil sweating under blows,
Hammer on hammer, cold steel to smelt.
Coiled serpent, silently waiting,
Takes the bait I place beneath.
The darkened deeps so far from shore.
Line cut, dagger to sheath.
Stage must be set for mortal battle,
Völva prophesy fufilled.
At Ragnarök, gory conclusion:
Drowning world to raise, rebuild.
Vlad, the bad, seethes and schemes,
An empire past he must renew.
Tough man in waiting, stares at me
At White Nights, 1992.
Sabres rattle, pipelines tremble,
Wasted opportunity
To build a better motherland,
A nobler place in history.”

“Rökflöte” tracklist

  1. Voluspo
  2. Ginnungagap
  3. Allfather
  4. The Feathered Consort
  5. Hammer On Hammer
  6. Wolf Unchained
  7. The Perfect One
  8. Trickster (And The Mistletoe)
  9. Cornucopia
  10. The Navigators
  11. Guardian’s Watch
  12. Ithavoll

The band is currently formed by Ian Anderson (Vocals, flute, guitar and more), David Goodier (Bass), John O’Hara (Keyboards), Scott Hammond (Drums) and Joe Parrish (Guitar).

I'm a Brazilian journalist who always loved Classic Rock and Heavy Metal music. That passion inspired me to create Rock and Roll Garage over 6 years ago. Music has always been a part of my life, helping me through tough times and being a support to celebrate the good ones. When I became a journalist, I knew I wanted to write about my passions. After graduating in journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, I pursued a postgraduate degree in digital communication at the same institution. The studies and experience in the field helped me improve the website and always bring the best of classic rock to the world! MTB: 0021377/MG

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