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James Hetfield explains where his anger cames from

James Hetfield

Classic Rock

James Hetfield explains where his anger cames from

James Hetfield explained the origins of all the anger in his lyrics and his work during a conversation with the organization of the Polar Music Prize – considered the “Nobel” of the song and this year will be delivery to Metallica.


“I think this anger comes from my origins, from a feeling of not being heard, from being manipulated. There is probably a teenager somewhere inside me who is still trying to solve some problems of the past – parents, growth, things But I think that a lot of this anger is a form of defense, when my children frighten me, or when someone tickles me, I get angry. It is my primary reaction to many things. I do not know why. There are those who laugh when they feel nervous.”

Watch Metallica pays tribute to Cliff Burton in concert on Italy

Last Saturday, Oct. 10, bassist Cliff Burton would have turned 56 if he were alive. On that day, Metallica performed in Turin, Italy and paid tribute to the musician by playing “Orion”.

The track, which is part of the album Master Of Puppets (1986), was co-written by the bassist who died tragically in an accident on September 27, 1986.

Cliff Burton misfits

Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich has posted an excerpt from his official Twitter with the following caption: “We played ‘Orion’ today for Cliff … The first time in almost a year. A very special moment. Thank you Turin for your generosity and great energy. ”

Check it out:

The action was created by fans of Metallica through a petition on the website that gathered thousands of signatures.

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