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Jackyl’s vocalist releases new song co-written by Brian Johnson

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Jackyl’s vocalist releases new song co-written by Brian Johnson

Jesse James Dupree, the vocalist of the American band Jackyl, will release a solo album called Breathing Fire and he already released the single “Never Gets Old” that was co-written by the legendary AC/DC vocalist Brian Johnson.


The album that will be out next November 10 will have several tracks that were co-written by Johnson, but he doesn’t sing on the album with Dupree.

They first collaborated in the song “Locked and Loaded” back in 1997 that was released by Jackyl. The second time happened in 2002 in the track “Kill The Sunshine” from the album “Relentless”.

Hear the new Jesse James Dupree song “Never Gets Old” co-written by Brian Johnson

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, the Jackyl vocalist recalled that when he started to write his solo album he was very influenced by AC/DC and thought that was he was writing was really similar to the band. He though about calling his friend Johnson but gave up.

However, a few months later Johnson called him and he then told him what he was doing.

“Dude, I wasn’t gonna call you, but since you called me, I got some songs you gotta help me write. He said, ‘Send them down here!’ He’s like a teenager. He was emailing and calling, and there’s ideas going back and forth. I just couldn’t believe it. It all just happened.”

After sending the AC/DC singer the results, he replied to Jesse, saying?  “Brilliant, Jesse. It sounds mean and angry. The perfect recipe for rock ‘n’ roll,” Jesse James Dupree said.[

Jackyl was formed in Kennesaw, Georgia back in 1991 and their self-titled debut album has sold more than a million copies in the United States. It had singles like “Down On Me” and “When Will It Rain”.

But their best known track is “The Lumberjack”, which features a chainsaw solo by the lead singer Jesse James Dupree.

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