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Italian guitarist plays Slayer to neighbors during quarantine

Slayer Italian guitarist Corona

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Italian guitarist plays Slayer to neighbors during quarantine

The quarantine period, due to the significant increase in coronavirus is happening now in Italy, the epicenter of the disease in Europe. An the Italian Enrico Monti, guitarist of a death metal band, called Skulld decided to play Slayer during this period. He made the “show” playing “Raining Blood” while the neighbor, an elderly woman observes him, somewhat uneasy about the situation.


Italy is the country hardest hit by COVID-19. Second only to China, the nation where the disease started. Having to undergo a strict and necessary quarantine to reduce the thousands of confirmed cases in the European country.

Watch Italian guitarist playing Slayer during quarantine:

Andrà tutto male. Ma il chiosco dell'Ines ha mantenuto il servizio a domicilio e allora le ho voluto fare un serenata d'amore per ringraziarla.#bertinoro #romagna #coronavirus #ines #piadina #slayer #metal #frikkettonidimerda

Posted by Enrico Monti on Friday, March 13, 2020


Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large viral family. Known since the mid-1960s, that cause respiratory infections in humans and animals. Generally, coronavirus infections cause mild to moderate respiratory illnesses, similar to a common cold.

Most people become infected with common coronaviruses throughout their lives, with young children being more likely to become infected. Common coronaviruses that infect humans are alpha coronavirus 229E and NL63 and beta coronavirus OC43, HKU1.

Some coronaviruses can cause severe respiratory syndromes, such as the severe acute respiratory syndrome. It is a very serious disease that affects specially the older people.

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