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Hear Lordi’s new song “Your Tongue’s Got the Cat”

Lordi 2018

Hard Rock

Hear Lordi’s new song “Your Tongue’s Got the Cat”

Lordi’s new track is part of the album “Sexorcism”, which will be released on May 25 by the AFM.


Hear the song below:

The band

Lordi is a hard rock and heavy metal band from Helsinki, Finland. It has existed since 1992, but only became known in 2002, becoming world famous after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with the theme “Hard Rock Hallelujah”.

Lordi band won the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 with a record score of 292 points, giving Finland its first win in the competition. They appeared at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards in Copenhagen, when Lordi presented the rock award, they also played their first single, Hard Rock Hallelujah, closing the act. They had also performed on the main stage of Ozzfest 2007.

  1. Sexorcism
  2. Your Tongue’s Got The Cat
  3. Romeo Ate Juliet
  4. Naked In My Cellar
  5. The Beast Is Yet To Cum
  6. Polterchrist
  7. SCG9: The Documented Phenomenon
  8. Slashion Model Girls
  9. Rimskin Assassin
  10. Hell Has Room
  11. Hot & Satanned
  12. Sodomesticated Animal
  13. Haunting Season
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