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Guns N ‘Roses returns to music charts after 9 years with “new” hit

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Guns N ‘Roses returns to music charts after 9 years with “new” hit

For the first time since 2009, a Guns N ‘Roses song is featured on Billboard’s list of most played songs.


It’s “Shadow Of Your Love,” an unreleased song released in the commemorative box celebrating the 30th anniversary of Appetite For Destruction (1987) earlier this month. The song appeared in 31st place of Mainstream Rock Songs.

Guns N' Roses 2018

The band has been on this list 22 times over the course of their career. The last time the group with their original lineup put a song in the parade was in 1989, with “Patience.” Already the last time without the original formation was in 2009, with “Better”, single of Chinese Democracy (2008).

Listen to “Shadow Of Your Love,” a song composed early in the band’s career and never officially released until then.

Hear the song below:

The band

After reuniting the original members and touring the world, the band is about to launch an incredible box to celebrate Appetite For Destruction.

Locked N ‘Loaded, as it was named, has CDs, hologram LPs, picks, flyers, personal photos from the Axl Rose collection, 49 unreleased tracks and more.

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