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Guns N ‘Roses and Metallica are the bands that made the most money in 2017

Kirk Hammet and Axl Rose

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Guns N ‘Roses and Metallica are the bands that made the most money in 2017

Forbes magazine published a list of the best paid musicians and bands of 2017, showing Guns N ‘Roses and Metallica in the Top 10.


On the list, Axl, Slash, Duff and company were in sixth place and made $ 84 million in that period Metallica, which was in tenth place, $ 66.5 million.

The data were compiled for a year from June 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017 and include agent, manager and attorney fees.

Check out the full list below:
  1. Diddy ($130 M)
  2. Beyoncé ($105 M)
  3. Drake ($94 M)
  4. The Weeknd ($92 M)
  5. Coldplay ($88 M)
  6. Guns N’ Roses ($84 M)
  7. Justin Bieber ($83.5 M)
  8. Bruce Springsteen ($75 M)
  9. Adele ($69 M)
  10. Metallica ($66.5 M)

In addition, the two bands also had the most profitable tours of the year: Guns N ‘Roses selling 2.68 million tickets and Metallica 1.5 million, topping the world charts.

James Hetfield talked about people who wear Metallica shirts

Nowadays band’s t-shirts are going with the fashion, specially Ramones and Metallica shirts are sold in department stores all over the world and millions of people buy them having no ideia what logo says. So the result is: many people wearing those clothes without having listen to one single song about that band.

James Hetfield playing

Metallica’s frontman, James Hetfield was asked about that,

read what he said below:

“Well, let me tell you that I drew the logo on a napkin in our little rehearsal room in Norwalk, California, and I never imagined it would become a symbol like Maytag, Volvo or something. , the name, it’s all well familiar, I would never have thought of it, but at that time we would say ‘Let’s conquer the world and that’s it. We want our logo on everyone’s body – it turns into a cool tattoo!’ (laughs).

“I love to draw. If I was not in a band, I would probably do it. I loved drawing t-shirts and logos. My mother was a graphic designer and decorator, so it makes sense that I like this art thing. And merchandise puts a huge smile on my face “When I see some kid on the streets with his parents and he’s wearing a Metallica T-shirt, whether or not he heard our sound, it’s a statement, you see? If it’s a statement, I love it.”

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