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Guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen plays Jimmy Page’s Telecaster model

Yngwie Malmsteen

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Guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen plays Jimmy Page’s Telecaster model

Virtuoso guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen played during a Questions and Answers sessions Jimmy Page‘s Dragon Telecaster model, after being asked by a fan if he owned a Telecaster guitar. The musician is famous for using the Stratocaster model.


Guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen plays Jimmy Page’s Telecaster model:

“I actually do have one, this is the one here. It’s the Jimmy Page model, I just got it. So let’s see what it sounds like. This doesn’t have any scallops and doesn’t have any stack pickups, so… It feels different. [Chuckles] There it is, Jimmy Page.”

Dragon guitar

To celebrate Led Zeppelin’s 50th birthday, Fender decided to release a line of guitars back in 2019 inspired by the iconic designs used by Jimmy Page over. The legendary guitar brand took as the basis for the creation of the dragon painting line in the original Telecaster used by Page, known as “Dragon”.

Initially, the guitarist personalized the instrument with small round mirrors along the body, thus creating the “Mirror” in 1967. But this transformation did not last long. At the end of that year, Page left the guitar smooth again. So he painted in it the iconic dragon, which exists to this day.

It is in these two designs that Fender sought inspiration, as a way to honor and immortalize the legacy of the musician and Led Zeppelin. About “Dragon,” Page said, “The story of the instrument is its full journey. Starting with Jeff Beck until it’s passed to me in a gesture of trust and kindness.”

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