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Guitarist Steve Hackett talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

Steve Hackett Covid-19

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Guitarist Steve Hackett talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

Legendary guitarist Steve Hackett (Genesis, GTR) talked in an exclusive interview with Rock and Roll Garage about the current Covid-19 pandemic. Also revealing to journalist Rafael Polcaro how the music business could be transformed. Besides promoting his autobiography “A Genesis In My Bed” that will be released next July, the musician also said that he is currently working on his new album.


About the Covid-19 pandemic, Steve Hackett said:

Could you talk about how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected you?

“I had to stop in the middle of a North American tour and I just managed to catch the last flight from Philadelphia to London. Since then, several of my upcoming shows have been rescheduled for next year, as well as those gigs I was not able to do in the USA.” I’m very much looking forward to getting back on the road.”

What is your opinion about Covid-19 impact on the music business. Do you think live concerts will change? Or as long as a cure or vaccine doesn’t appear they shouldn’t be done?

“So, it has for sure had an impact on me as well as the whole music business. However, I feel that the lockdown is necessary. In the UK we have a high death toll which would have been massive if we had not gone into lockdown. I think most governments around the world will listen to scientific advice regarding a safe time to re-open venues. I feel optimistic that a vaccine will be developed soon now. Oxford University is moving forward quickly and this looks hopeful. In the meantime, I put out You Tube videos most days to help the morale of fans around the world, and I’m recording material for my next album, so I’m for sure keeping busy!”

See some of the last videos Steve Hackett shared in his Youtube channel:

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