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Great White’s Jack Russell says he won’t tour before Covid-19 vaccine

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Great White’s Jack Russell says he won’t tour before Covid-19 vaccine

Great White‘s singer Jack Russell said that he wont tour before a Covid-19 vaccine is made. The musician talked about the Coronavirus pandemic in an interview with 90.3 WMSC that he doesn’t want to be infected by the disease or be responsible for someone getting sick.


Great White’s Jack Russell said about touring during the Pandemic:

“[It’s been] absolutely horrible. I don’t wanna sit there and go, ‘Oh, everything’s a drag,’ but when you can’t tour live, it is something that I never imagined — something that I thought could never happen. Just like I never thought there wouldn’t be a music store where you can go buy a record. So it kind of shows you, never say never, right?”

“I’m hanging in there; I’m hanging in there,” he continued. “[I’m] waiting for somebody to come up with a treatment or a vaccine. I hope it’s quick. And I don’t wanna be off the road eternally; I mean, that would just be devastating.”

When talking about bands that are rescheduling dates for 2021, Jack said:

“That’s all dependent upon a vaccine or a cure or a treatment, because I wouldn’t wanna go out and be responsible not just for my own life, but be responsible for everybody in the audience getting sick and possibly losing their life. That would be horrible.”

“I mean, nobody wants [to stand] six feet apart [at a rock show due to social distancing guidelines],” he said. “Who wants to do that? You wanna be in the front row rocking out. I can’t fathom it. So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, and hope some doctor somewhere or some scientist somewhere can come up with something that works. Just pray. That’s all I tell everybody, man — just keep on praying.”

“Not to mention, other than your own life, bringing it home to your significant other. I mean, my wife’s got asthma, and I have COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], which, I don’t notice it, but my lungs are messed up, and COPD would really mess ’em up. And who knows if I could do my job after that? I’d hate it for there to be a day where I couldn’t get up on stage and run around. If I had to stand there and sing or I couldn’t get a breath, that would be horrifying. That would be a horrifying scenario, if I couldn’t do that.”

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