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Great Unknown Songs #8 – Spy Vs Spy “Clarity Of Mind”

Great Unknown Songs #8 – Spy Vs Spy “Clarity Of Mind”


Great Unknown Songs #8 – Spy Vs Spy “Clarity Of Mind”

Australia has given the world great bands like AC/DC, Men At Work, INXS and many others. One of the least remembered is the Spy Vs Spy, a ska/pub rock band from Sydney formed in 1981.


They became known for tackling political issues through their music, including racism, homelessness and contemporary drug culture. They were named after a comic strip, “Spy vs. Spy” in the US Mad magazine.

Their biggest hit is the song we are talking today, “Clarity Of Mind”, from the album Xenophobia (Why?) (1988).

Hear the song below:

“Clarity Of Mind” by Spy Vs Spy

Xenophobia (Why?) (1988)

This was their third album and was written and recorded in just six weeks, the title inspired by race issues surfacing in the lead-up to Australia’s upcoming Bicentennial year

The album released in March 1988 peaked at No. 15 in Australia, it was produced by Karski and Guy Gray and released by WEA in 14 countries.

It had provided three singles, “Forget about the Working Week”, “Clarity of Mind” and “Waiting”. During this time the band played smaller shows to dedicated fans in Sydney under the pseudonym The Drug Grannies.

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