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Great Unknown Songs #14 – The Tremeloes “Here Comes My Baby”

The Tremeloes

Classic Rock

Great Unknown Songs #14 – The Tremeloes “Here Comes My Baby”

The song was written in 1966 by Cat Stevens and it was almost released as his first single, but “I Love My Dog” was thought to be stronger.


After “I Love My Dog” success, “Here Comes My Baby” was shelved for several months. The Tremeloes picked it up and it became their breakthrough hit in America and their first hit in the UK since their lead singer Brian Poole left them.

The song’s success helped establish Cat Stevens as a songwriter and he included it on his first album Matthew And Son.

The Tremeloes’ version leaves out the final verse from Cat Stevens’ original.

Hear it below:

“Here Comes My Baby” by The Tremeloes

Here Come the Tremeloes (1967)

Steven’s jazzy original was more laid back than The Tremeloes infectiously upbeat, good time jamboree feel that they bought to their version. However, all the general jollity disguised the fact it was actually quite a sad breakup song.

Some facts about the song

Often when performing this live, The Tremeloes inserted the phrase “Parrot-face”, when they sang the line, “I try to call you names.” 

The Tremeloes had been a back up band for Brian Poole and when they split in 1966 after 8 UK hits, they looked to be another backing band set for oblivion. They bought in the good-looking Len “Chip” Hawkes as their bassist and lead singer and their career took off.

They added a further 13 UK hits, of which this was the first and also one of several in America. Brian Poole however had little solo success and he eventually went to work in his family’s butcher shop.

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