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Great Forgotten Songs #32 – Sisters Of Mercy “Marian”


Great Forgotten Songs #32 – Sisters Of Mercy “Marian”

The track “Marian” is from the album “First and Last and Always”, the debut album of the English band The Sisters of Mercy, released in March 1985.


In this album, Doktor Avalanche was incarnated by an Oberheim DMX. Wayne Hussey became a co-songwriter for the Sisters, signing the songs while Andrew Eldritch continues to write all the lyrics and remains a mentor for the group.

Sisters of Mercy

In the following tour, there are several events that would mark the band’s career, culminating with the departure of Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams to form The Mission. The guitarist and co-founder Gary Marx disagreed with Eldritch and was the first to leave the band, but the relationship that was most tense was between Hussey and Eldritch, as personal and musical divergences were becoming increasingly unbearable for both.

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Hussey, in turn, sought more and more space within the band, even singing. Hussey’s compositions for the upcoming release of the Sisters did not please Eldritch, who felt definitely that things were not going the way expected. The separation was inevitable.

For many it was the best moment of the band until today, being the formation considered classic by the fans.

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