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Great Forgotten Songs #16 – Uriah Heep “Circle Of Hands”

Great Forgotten Songs #16 – Uriah Heep “Circle Of Hands”


Great Forgotten Songs #16 – Uriah Heep “Circle Of Hands”

Demons and Wizards was the fourth album by British prog rock band Uriah Heep. He was released in 1972 by Bronze Records in the UK and Mercury Records in the US. The album helped the band become famous and has sold 3 million copies worldwide.


The great forgotten song “Circle Of Hands” is from this album, and is truly a masterpiece by the group that unfortunately still remains a little forgotten by the mainstream.

Hear the song below:

“Circle Of Hands” by Uriah Heep

Demons and Wizards (1972)

The album is regarded by many fans and critics alike as Uriah Heep’s best album, often ranked against the preceding Look at Yourself. Even Rolling Stone, which printed an infamously negative review of the band’s debut album, ran a positive assessment of Demons and Wizards.

Mike Saunders said: “These guys are good. The first side of Demons and Wizards is simply odds-on the finest high energy workout of the year, tying nose and nose with the Blue Öyster Cult…they may have started out as a thoroughly dispensable neo-Cream & Blooze outfit, but at this point Uriah Heep are shaping up into one hell of a first-rate modern rock band”. According to AllMusic, the album “solidified Uriah Heep’s reputation as a master of gothic-inflected heavy metal”.

The album also served as partial inspiration for Hansi Kürsch and Jon Schaffer’s side project Demons and Wizards.

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