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Glenn Hughes criticizes bands that use pre-recorded tracks

Glenn Hughes

Classic Rock

Glenn Hughes criticizes bands that use pre-recorded tracks

The ex-Deep Purple bassist and singer Glenn Hughes criticized in an interview with Rock The Nations (Transcribed by Blabbermouth) bands that use pre-recorded tracks live, especially groups that lyp-sinc during their live performances. The musician said that is a horrible thing and also said that he doesn’t think that he will ever retire from touring, because he can’t stand still for six months and then comeback to the road again.


Glenn Hughes criticizes bands that use pre-recorded tracks

“I think in general, with backing tracks, I think some music is okay. Some bands have been doing backing tracks, not vocally, for years. I think that’s sort of okay. But with the vocals, I’m not gonna go with it. You can’t be having people pay to see somebody lip sync. It’s just not fair. And by the way, a lot of fans are doing it that you probably don’t know are, and it’s just horrifying. I can’t name names.”

“For me, if I have a fear… Look, I don’t send a message to the universe that something is wrong. I think people in general, if they aren’t living appropriately, if they aren’t in the good head space, if their mind’s chattering, if they feel there’s an ailment in the body, they think they’re gonna get sick, they’ll get sick. I don’t want to get sick. I work diligently every day, keeping myself in a good space.”

He continued:

“For me to — the word ‘retire’…. When I’m done… I don’t think I’m ever gonna be done, but for me to slow down, it’s really slowing down,” he explained. “If I stop, I won’t be able to start again. I can’t take six months off. The Dead Daises wanted to take six months off and I refused. That’s why I kept going. So I’m gonna keep going until a moment in time when I’m going, ‘I need to slow down.’ I’ve got a lot of energy for an older chap, so I’m gonna keep doing this while I’m in good head space, good vocal space and good shape,” Glenn Hughes said.

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  • 17 – Park Theater (Holland, MI) — Yngwie Malmsteen Only
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  • 23 – Capitol Theater (Clearwater, FL)

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