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Ghost’s Tobias Forge says that new song tries to repeat the feeling of Ozzy’s “I Dont Know”

Cardinal Copia

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Ghost’s Tobias Forge says that new song tries to repeat the feeling of Ozzy’s “I Dont Know”

Tobias Forge, Ghost frontman performer, Cardinal Copia, talked about Ghost’s next album in an interview with Loudwire. During the chat, he also commented on the unreleased song, presented during a private acoustic show in Chicago, United States.


According to Forge, the new song, entitled “Rats”, should be chosen to open the band’s upcoming album. “When we did ‘Square Hammer’ (opening the ‘Popestar’ EP, 2016), we needed a great opening track. It was inspired by several explosive opening tracks and albums,” he said.

Ghost private show

Then the singer quoted an opening track that is very explosive, in his opinion. “Specifically, when I was a kid, there was a show called the Moscow Peace Festival broadcast on TV. It’s one of the moments I remember so clearly, I was eight years old.” Ozzy Osbourne opened with ‘I Dont Know’ and is a good opening track.

It was in front of 80 thousand people, who went crazy. I wanted the same feeling with ‘Rats’. It should make you feel like this kind of opening track. A song that can make 80 thousand If you want to play in bigger venues, you need to have albums that sound like you’re playing in big places, “he said.

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On the new album, still untitled or date for release, Tobias Forge commented that it is a “disc about survival, although it is totally soaked by the threat of death.” “For me, it’s pure, very honest, very real, and in the absence of a better, very sincere expression, Ghost has always been about make-believe, and it still is. heart – not saying that others have not been heartfelt.But this is very close to the heart.And still it is able to interconnect these things,” he said.

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