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George Lynch and Don Dokken reunite on stage

Don Dokken George Lynch 2020

Classic Rock

George Lynch and Don Dokken reunite on stage

Don Dokken and the ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch reunited on stage and played three songs together on the of the band’s concert in Biloxi, Mississipi in March 6.


Lynch is the opening act of Dokken concerts for this tour. They played “Kiss of Death,” “When Heaven Comes Down” and “Tooth and Nail”.

Watch Don Dokken and George Lynch performing together:


He told Classic Metal Show, last month:

“I’d say it’s like one percent a day improvement. My hand or my arms has nothing to do with my singing. I can go onstage and sing. I’ve now become a leftie.

About Lynch appearance and his hands problems, Dokken said:

““I’m sure you all know from the internet that I had a bit of a problem, I had surgery. I woke up and I fucking couldn’t walk. I was paralyzed, and that’s the way it fucking goes.” Explaining that doctors had warned him about permanent paralysis, he said he’d replied “Fuck you, I’m gonna go back on tour, I’m gonna fucking sing.” He continued: “George called me and he said, ‘Are you alright?’ ‘Mmm, I’m hangin’ in there.’ So, here we are.”

“I’m right-handed, man. And it’s a learning curve when you have to do everything with your left hand. It’s a bit weird. The right hand and the arm, honestly, it’s probably gonna be a year before it’s back. But that’s better than never.”

Dokken said the problem is that he is lazy and that’s why is difficult to keep up with all the therapy regime he should follow.

But I’m doing it. I have no choice. And luckily, I have such great people around me, between the 8 million doctors and my family and everything, pushing me to lift weights and get on the bike and walk the dogs and get out and do something, just to kind of build up my body strength.”

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