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Genesis’ Steve Hackett says he is the pioneer of guitar tapping

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Genesis’ Steve Hackett says he is the pioneer of guitar tapping

In an interview with Guitar World Ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett said he was the pioneer of guitar tapping the 70s.


He said:

“I started tapping in 1971, two years before ‘Dancing With the Moonlit Knight.’ The inspiration was to be able to play very fast on one string. I then realized you could move it from string to string.

“I think at the time I was recording it I thought it was the kind of thing that Phil [Collins] would like; it was fast, but it was very rhythmic.

“The second half of the song was supposed to take off like a rocket, so that was a very satisfying moment from Genesis days. I always think ‘Dance,’ ‘Firth of Fifth,’ and the end of ‘Supper’s Ready’ are probably the most iconic electric guitar moments from Genesis.”

Back in 2012, Steven told Music Radar:

“I’m the inventor of tapping on record. We haven’t found anyone who tapped earlier than me – unless somebody did it in the 1930s, but I doubt it.

“When you see old films of Genesis from 1971 on, you can see me using the technique. It’s there on many recordings, as well.”

“Eddie [Van Halen] and I have never spoken about it, but yes, he has credited me with tapping. Eddie is a fine player, of course, and he’s the one who named the technique.

“I’m not protective of any techniques. I’ve learned from every guitarist that I’ve watched. Everybody plays slightly differently; everybody has been my guitar teacher. I guess I’ve shown a few moves to some people.”

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