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Gene Simmons says there is no way to download his new box set

Gene Simmons box set

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Gene Simmons says there is no way to download his new box set

During an interview with Mitch Lafon, published in full in, Gene Simmons explains that his new project, “Gene Simmons’ Vault”, which brings 150 unpublished tracks recorded between 1966 and 2016, will require a certain monetary part of the fans, but in return, Gene will reward them in a very peculiar way.


Read below what he said:

“As luck would have it, I’ve been blessed and the fans have provided me with a life I’ve never dreamed possible, I’m going to pay for plane, hotel, security, travel insurance and everything else, and travel around the world to personally deliver each ‘Gene Simmons’ in the home of those who buy it. Gene reports that he only goes to people’s homes within the United States (Not even Alaska and Hawaii can participate).”

Gene Simmons vault

“The idea is simple: fans go to the site that all doubts will be solved and there will be sure that this is the biggest box-set of all time. It’s half a century, fifty years of unreleased songs, 150 tracks that have never been released. It starts in 1966 and goes until 2016.”

“There are songs composed in partnership with Bob Dylan, who was very kind to come to my house and we composed three songs together. I also recorded the whole process of creation, in which we were playing, playing guitar, that’s in the box.”

Gene Simmons box set

It’s heavy, literally

“The Van Halen brothers did three songs with me in 1978; Joe Perry from Aerosmith is in one; all members of Kiss in some, is an endless number of things … The box weighs 17 pounds, is a little less than 1 meter high and a little over half a meter wide.”

“It has literally metal wheels and is designed to last a lifetime. Comes with a huge book with 50,000 words and hundreds of photos from my private collection, plus 10 CDs. It is the biggest of all box-sets. I was going to call it Godzilla, but the name already had an owner. In short: very few will be done, a few thousand for the whole world.”

Gene Simmons smartphone

You won’t be able to download

“It will not be sell in physical or virtual stores, there is no download, nothing of this bullshit. This is a work of art of which I am very proud and, on my own, I will fly the world and deliver personally to those who buy.”

“And the rest, for those who can afford it and want something extra special, they can go to and see how it all works out.”

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