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Gene Simmons about haters: Not Everyone Likes Jesus Either

Gene Simmons is being prosecuted for sexual harassment

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Gene Simmons about haters: Not Everyone Likes Jesus Either

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons was interviewed on the Meltdown show, and was asked  about how he feels when he see messages of people online that dislike him.


Read what he said:

“Well, that’s okay! I get paid well enough for this. Not everybody likes Jesus, and that’s okay too.

“You can’t please everybody. What are you gonna do? The best thing you can do is run a race, look straight forward and be the best you can be.

Gene Simmons box set

“Take it from our military – don’t look over your shoulder and to the side and to the peanut gallery to find out if it’s okay to be you. Just hold your head proudly and say, ‘This is me, take it or leave it!'”

And when asked on what his “key to success”, he said:

“I guess having a right thing at the right place and the right time. And then there’s just plain hard work. And we’re America’s No. 1 gold record award winning group of all time in all categories. TA-DA!

Gene Simmons on Jim Norton and Sam Roberts

“But like anything else you gotta get up every day and work at it. Ask Mike Tyson, he’s a friend. You can become a world champion and when you sort of stop training and stop looking after yourself some chunk is gonna knock you out.

“So get up every day like it’s the only day you’ll ever have in life and be a champion!”

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