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Geezer Butler talks about paranormal experiences during his childhood

Geezer Butler


Geezer Butler talks about paranormal experiences during his childhood

Black Sabbath bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler recalled in an interview with Metal Hammer how good he was at English class and talked about paranormal experiences during his childhood.


Geezer Butler talks about paranormal experiences during his childhood

“I was always good at English. When we had to do composition or literature I was always good at that. And I always loved reading; I’ve never gone a day without a book. I was brought up a strict Catholic… I was really interested in the spiritual world so I used to read a lot about that.”

What, The Bible?

“No, I’d have that drummed into me at school and at church so I wanted to read about the other side. I’d always hear about Satan, so I wanted to find out what that was about, so I started reading up on astral planes, all that kind of stuff. I used to have weird experiences when I was a kid; orbs appearing to me…

“It sounds like I’m nuts. When I was four, I felt a presence in the room and I saw this orb hovering above my head and I could see the future in it and it just disappeared into the fireplace. I used to have these dreams… I’d wake up and it would happen the next day. A lot disappeared when I got to my teen years.”

So can we thank Catholicism for Sabbath?

“Catholic priests used to scare me more than Satan! We used to get visits from these missionaries back from Africa to get money; they’d have these long robes and they scared the hell out of me. They’d be shouting at me, ‘The Devil’s gonna get ya!’ It seemed their robes were blowing in the wind and they used to scare the hell out of me. They looked like Batman.”

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