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Geezer Butler reveals which was Black Sabbath’s worst career moment

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Geezer Butler reveals which was Black Sabbath’s worst career moment

Geezer Butler talked with Guitar Magazine about Black Sabbath’s nearly 50-year career. The group’s bassist and songwriter revealed the worst moment of the heavy metal band’s entire career: the time when Ozzy Osbourne left in 1979.


He said:

“The worst moment was on [1978 album]‘ Never Say Die! ’. Things were not the same with Ozzy back then. With this album I was not really happy.”

It is worth remembering that a year after the release of the 1978 album, Ozzy Osbourne left Black Sabbath. The departure of the singer marked the last album with the original lineup, composed by Ozzy, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Tony Iommi.

In another interview with British magazine Kerrang, Geezer talked about the shock of Ozzy’s departure. “Me and Bill were crying. It was as if our group of best friends – these brothers we always wish we had – were falling apart. It didn’t look like we were a band, but rather like a family that walked the road making music and enjoying things together.”

Geezer continues: “I never thought one of us would leave or get fired. By the late 1970s, it was no longer working for either of us. I don’t know if this happened because of drugs, drinks or anything. We were simply falling apart. None of us liked the album ‘Never Say Die!’, The most ironic title ever. ”

Despite revealing the low point of Black Sabbath’s career, the bassist also told Guitar Magazine about the formation of the heavy metal group.

“What are the chances of four people who lived on the street forming a band and it lasts 50 years? It’s amazing. After we recorded an album, we had something tangible to show people. They finally realized that we were serious and we were good at it,” said Geezer.

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