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Geddy Lee reveals why he never tried to play on other basses

Geddy Lee bass

Classic Rock

Geddy Lee reveals why he never tried to play on other basses

In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock the legendary singer and bassist revealed why he never tried other basses on his career. He always used his trademark Fenders and Rickenbackers.


He said:

Geddy, in the book you said you were “very focused on crafting a sound of my own” and you “shied away from instruments” you “feared might lead me in the wrong direction.” From doing this book and becoming such a collector – opening your horizons – how do you feel that your sound and approach to music has changed?
“A musician’s sound and approach to music is a constant work in progress.

“As I allude to in the book, I was very focused on a particular identity for myself, and I only used the instruments that would satisfy that direction.

“Now that I’ve been introduced to so many different brands and different soundscapes, I’ve yet to see where that will take me, but I have a feeling it’ll be a very interesting journey. [Laughs.]”

What did you learn about your own playing style?

“Well, one thing you do learn over time – and especially playing so many different instruments – is that your sound comes from here in your fingertips. *makes a gesture with his hands, like playing bass*

“You know, you can put Jaco Pastorius’ bass in your hands and you can make a couple of notes that sort of sound like Jaco, but the longer you play it, the less you will sound like Jaco. Only Jaco sounds like Jaco, and [with] most great players, the same thing is true.

“And that’s a transportable thing because it’s your personality coming out with the instrument in your hands. So that’s something that’s been reinforced by this collection for me.”

Asked about his future plans, Geddy replied:

“I don’t know what’s next for me, and I’m enjoying that. My life has been scheduled for the last 42 or so years, and I think I owe it to my family – and I owe it to myself – just to be a human being and allow things to happen, rather than to be so strategic in planning out my moves, if you know what I mean.

“I did that for so many years that I’m enjoying being bored occasionally. And out of boredom comes productivity, I believe.

“This book was a massive undertaking for me. I have another couple of projects that are different from music projects that I’m working on, but I hope to get back into my home studio and see if I have something to say again.”

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