Geddy Lee reveals never seen photo with one of his first bass guitars

Rush‘s Geddy Lee that is considered one of the best bass players of all time revealed in his Instagram a never seen photo of him. In the picture he was 14 or 15 old, with one of the first bass guitar he owned.

Geddy Lee said about the never seen photo of him with one of his first bass guitars:

“Once in a while, a photo I havent seen in ages, or ever…pops up on social media. Like a ghost from my past. I find myself slack-jawed, mouth gaping at some of them in wonder…”Is that me?.. where on earth, did this come from?” Well, this is one such photo. I was 14 or 15, playing in a garage band, at what is obviously one of my very first gigs ever…”

“I do recall that we played some songs by Sam and Dave, and The Grassroots! …and if you look closely, you can barely see a sliver of a white Hagstrom bass in my hands! One of my very first instruments… When putting my bass book together I searched high and low, to no avail, for a photo of this bass … so I’m super pleased to share this moment of my long forgotten past.”

Geddy recently talked about the Covid-19 situation, saying:

“It’s been over two months since our soul brother Neil [Peart] left us and although we continue to mourn his passing, we must now turn our gaze to the serious virus threatening all of us on the planet – a reminder of how precious life is…

“I am self-isolating (with my pups) as is my family – so I urge you all to do the right thing… social distance, trust the science, wash your hands and we will get through this…”

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