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Foreigner’s Mick Jones talks about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

Foreigner Mick Jones

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Foreigner’s Mick Jones talks about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

The Foreigner co-founder, main songwriter and guitarist Mick Jones talked on a post on the band’s social networks about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.


Although the group is currently on their farewell tour that has scheduled tour dates until the end of 2024, he is not performing with them live and there is still no information of when he might play again live with the group.

Foreigner’s Mick Jones talks about his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

“Fans will have become very aware that for some time now, I have not been performing onstage with the band. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“I want everyone to know that I am doing alright. However, I’ve always liked to be at my best when performing onstage, and sadly, at present, I find that a bit difficult.”

“I am still very much involved in the background with Foreigner and remain a presence. Parkinson’s is a daily struggle; several of my friends are also dealing with the disease. The important thing is to persevere with the loving support of my family, and remind myself of the wonderful career I’ve had in music.”

“I thank all the fans who have supported Foreigner throughout the years and continue to attend our concerts. Please know I appreciate your support, it always means so very much to me, especially so at this point in my life,” Mick Jones said.


Foreigner is currently formed by Mick Jones (Only original member – guitarist and keyboardist), Jeff Pilson (Bass), Kelly Hansen (Vocals), Michael Bluestein (Keyboards), Bruce Watsen (Guitar) and Chris Frazier (Drums). They are now finally among the nominees to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2024.

Formed in New York City back in 1976 by British and American artists, the group has sold an estimated amount of more than 80 million records worldwide.

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