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For the second time Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy peforms probably intoxicated

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For the second time Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy peforms probably intoxicated

For the second time in two weeks, Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy gave what was described as a “disastrous” live performance. Is the second time in two weeks that Stephen Pearcy, the frontman from Ratt performs live probably intoxicated.  Fans described the performance “disastrous”.


The singer was “stumbling” and missing the lyrics in the concert held in St. Charles, IL, last Friday (October 5).

See the videos below:

Read what a fan tweeted:

“Went to the Arcada Theatre to see Ratt. Band was awesome, especially Jason on lead guitar [the band has two guitarists: Jordan Ziff and Chris Sanders] as they tried to cover for Stephen Pearcy. Complete poser – drunk, drugged out, stumbling and can’t remember the words. Kept walking off stage or sitting on drum riser. What a joke! #rehab”

Another fan posted a short clip from the gig and wrote about Stephen:

“Trashed again on stage 10/5 getting booed!”

The source wrote:

“The Arcada Theatre performance took place just over a week after Ratt’s disastrous show in Huntington, NY, where Pearcy was also slurring while sitting down and nearly lying down on the drum riser.

“The 62-year-old singer also appeared to be slouching or leaning on to the bass drum during ‘Round and Round’ and holding on to the tom-tom stand and bass drum to keep from falling over.”

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