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Find out who are the most well paid musicians of 2018

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Find out who are the most well paid musicians of 2018

As usual, Billboard has released its biannual list of artists and bands that made the most money this year. Just like in 2017, this year U2 appeared again at the top of the list, accumulating a surreal amount on account of its current tour.


The list also includes names like Metallica, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Guns N ‘Roses, Roger Waters, Green Day, Twenty One Pilots and even the late Tom Petty. The publication takes into account the turnover with tours, sales, streaming and merchandising.

Check out the top 10:
  1. U2 – U $ 54.4 million
  2. Garth Brooks – $ 52.2 million
  3. Metallica – $ 43.2 million
  4. Bruno Mars – US $ 40.7 million
  5. Ed Sheeran – $ 31.3 million
  6. Lady Gaga – $ 29.7 million
  7. Billy Joel – $ 29.2 million
  8. Guns N ‘Roses – $ 27.8 million
  9. Roger Waters – $ 27.2 million
  10. Coldplay – $ 26.5 million

The complete list with how each artist earns their money through sales, streaming, shows and more you see clicking here.

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