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Fan’s guitar breaks and Steve Vai lends his own guitar so they can play together

Steve Vai and fan

Classic Rock

Fan’s guitar breaks and Steve Vai lends his own guitar so they can play together

The Brazilian professor of quantum physics at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Fernando Brandão lived an incredible experience playing alongside his hero Steve Vai.


It all started when Fernando knew that a “guitar camp” would happen near Pasadena, California, where he lives. Among those present would be Steve Vai one of the greatest idols of the teacher’s adolescence.

He who in the spare hours is a guitarist did not think twice: bought a nice guitar and started rehearsing to play well. But things did not go the way Fernando planned. The moment he played with his idol the guitar string broke in half. What would be a frustration became a great joy, as Steve Vai passed the personal guitar to the professor.

For being short, Fernando crouched and to his surprise Vai did the same. After the guitar strings were replaced by Steve. Undoubtedly, a night for the history of the teacher who, today, at 35, returned to the adolescence.

Take a look:

Seu maior ídolo da adolescência organiza um "acampamento de guitarra" a 2 horas dirigindo da sua casa, com direito a tocar com ele (e com os dois outros maiores ídolos como convidados especiais). Vc para a vida, compra uma guitarra nova e começa a treinar pra não fazer feio. Chega o grande momento… E a corda da guitarra quebra no meio da Jam! Seu ídolo, sendo foda como ele eh, passa a guitarra dele pra vc. Mas seu ídolo eh alto e vc não, então vc tem q continuar tocando agachado no chão. No apice da Jam seu ídolo vai ao chão e se junta à vc. E no final o roadie do ídolo ainda troca as cordas da sua guitarra :-)Your greatest idol from teenagehood organizes a "guitar camp" 2 hours driving from your home, with the opportunity to play with him (and with two other idols as special guests). You put on hold everything, buy a new guitar and start training not to disappoint.The big moment arrives … And the guitar string breaks in the middle of Jam! Your idol, being amazing as he is, passes his guitar to you. But your idol is tall and you are short, so you have to keep playing crouched on the floor. At the apex of Jam your idol goes to the ground and joins you. And in the end the roadie of the idol exchanges the strings of your guitar for you 🙂

Posted by Fernando Guadalupe Brandao on Friday, January 5, 2018

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