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Eddie Trunk says AC/DC doesn’t have the same power anymore and talks about Brian Johnson return

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Eddie Trunk says AC/DC doesn’t have the same power anymore and talks about Brian Johnson return

Eddie Trunk is a musical historian and radio presenter with strong opinions and always very expressive when it comes to good old rock and roll. Recently, on his radio show on Sirius XM, he opined on the current timing of AC/DC, compared to what the band once was.


He said:

“I think AC/DC has lost a little bit in terms of their recordings. A little bit of that punchy-in-the-jaw heaviness, attitude, and power. Quite frankly, that probably comes with the fact that AC/DC are much older now and I understand that.

“So, I think they have evolved and changed a little bit. AC/DC is now sort of a swaggery, bluesy, sort of rock and roll band. Which is totally fine at this point in their career, and that’s what I meant and Matthew thank you for quoting me correctly when I said on the show: ‘At this point in their career.’

“It’s not 1980 anymore, it’s not 1979, I understand that there are going to be limitations and I understand it’s going to be different in terms of the approach. Most people get a little more mellow with age.”

A fan asked about Brian Johnson’s return, and he revealed:

“Well Bob, as he writes, he goes by Bob Groogle, Bob, short and to the point – Bob, I can’t give you an answer for sure but every indicator that I get is that AC/DC will indeed do something very soon, has made a record and will tour.

“Maybe select dates, maybe a handful of stadium dates, we’ll see but I keep hearing things are happening.”

Hear the program below:

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