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Doro Pesch will be the first metal artist to make a drive-in concert

Doro Pesch drive in concert

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Doro Pesch will be the first metal artist to make a drive-in concert

The German metal singer Doro Pesch will be the first famous metal artist to make a drive-in concert during the Covid-19 pandemic. This kind of show has been adopted in several places with the aim of offering presentations without causing crowding or disrespecting recommendations from health authorities.


Doro Pesch announced the Drive-in concert in her social networks, saying:

“Dear fans: We don’t have many choices to perform live at the moment. So why not make the best of it and play in a drive-in cinema? We like the idea a lot and will rock with you in Bottrop. In the Autokino am Moviepark Germany on June 28.”

Tickets are already on sale on an online page and can be purchased for 99 euros. In addition, Doro continues to promote the album “Forever Warriors, Forever United”, released in 2018. Also in recent weeks, artists from different countries have adopted the model of shows in a drive-in format. Countries like Denmark, Norway and Germany already have events where fans stay inside their cars.


Dorothee Pesch  was born in Düsseldorf, June 3, 1964. She was the vocalist of the heavy metal band Warlock and one of the few female metal singers of the 80s. After several changes in the band, Doro became the only member of the original lineup. Force Majeure which would be the band’s fifth album was released only under the name Doro.

Doro’s first recording was a 7-track demo featuring one of her first bands, Snakebite, in 1980. In 1981 she became a member of the band Beast. But in 1982 left the band to join Warlock. After that, in 1987. Until nowadays , she has released seventeen studio albums. And continues her recording career and is prolific touring artist all over the world. When not on tour, she resides in New York City.

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