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Doro chooses Rob Halford as her Rock God


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Doro chooses Rob Halford as her Rock God

The German singer Doro Pesch chose the Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford as her Rock God in an interview with BBC (Transcribed by Blabbermouth). She is a huge fan of Judas and have covered the band before many times. Halford is a special guest on her new album “Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud”. He duets with her on the cover for Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of The Heart” and on the Priest cover “Living After Midnight”.


Doro explains why Rob Halford is her Rock God

“I was a big, big Judas Priest fan, and I was so lucky to do a nice tour with Judas Priest in 1986. It was my first big tour and Rob Halford was such a god. He was such a great inspiration. I loved his voice, his style, his attitude and everything about Rob, and he was so metal and I loved it so much.”

“Now I can say I’m so grateful and I’m so happy on [my] new album, ‘Conqueress – Forever Strong And Proud’, there are two duets on it with Rob Halford. One song I chose — it is ‘Living After Midnight’, because I liked the ‘British Steel’ album so much.”

“And Rob said he would like to do a song with me, and I was totally excited and it’s a great song. We did a metal version of the song, a great duet. It’s ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’, a Jim Steinman production. Bonnie Tyler sang, and I love the song and it came out so great. I definitely can tell you I still love Judas Priest and I still adore Rob Halford so much,” Doro Pesch said.

Nicknamed The Metal Queen, Doro Pesch was born in Düsseldorf, West Germany in 1964. She started her musical career in 1980 and first gained fame as the vocalist of Warlock then forming her own band called Doro. She released 14 stuido albums on her solo career and four with Warlock.

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