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Def Leppard says that it’s pathetic they are not in the Rock Hall of Fame

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Def Leppard says that it’s pathetic they are not in the Rock Hall of Fame

Def Leppard’s guitarist Phil Collen talked with The Prog Report about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and questioned why the band is not in it yet, since the band is eligible since 2004.


Read what he said:

“We don’t talk about it, actually. We talk about how pathetic it is when it comes up. Everyone else talks about it.

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“We go, we’re a rock band that sold 100 million albums, most of them, actually, in America. We’re a real rock band, we’ve been together for 30, or nearly 40 years, and the fact that that’s not recognized is kind of a bit weird.

“So it really doesn’t faze us. It’s someone else’s problem, and [we] don’t care, honestly.”

And talking with Sirius XM, the drummer Rick Allen said:

Def Leppard before Phil collen

“I think if the fans put us on a pedestal, that’s good enough for me. I don’t need a board of directors, or whatever, to decide whether I should be up there or not.

“And I mean that with all sincerity. Our fans have proved to us, they’ve shown to us over the years, time and time again, that they are so behind this band, and that, to me, is… that’s all that matters.”

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