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Def Leppard reveals who they would like to induct into the Hall Of Fame

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Def Leppard reveals who they would like to induct into the Hall Of Fame

On a interview with Eddie Trunk, Def Leppard’s vocalist Joe Elliott and guitarist Phil Collen revealed which artist they would like to put in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.


Phil Collen said:

“There is a really obvious one, and we would love it – Brian May from Queen would be great.

“We just played Vegas just a few months ago – Queen were playing just around the corner, and I bumped into Brian at the gym, actually. And he said, ‘You’re playing tonight?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Me too.’

“He goes, ‘What time do you finish?’ And I said, ‘We finish about 11.’ He said, ‘We finish at 8. I’ll be over later. I’ll finish and I’ll come straight over.’ He turned up. He’d done a show with Queen, and he came over.

“And it was just, like, amazing. Brian is one of my biggest influences. I love him. I just can’t get over how amazing he is. And we all do – we’re huge Queen fans and Brian fans. And so, that would be lovely, if he’d be up for it. But, you know, we’ll see.”

Joe Elliott said:

“We didn’t take it for granted that we were gonna get it. I know we were crushing the fan vote, but there’s more than the fans – there’s all the people that we don’t know who they’re gonna vote for.

“So we didn’t even think about who we’re gonna get to induct us because we didn’t wanna think… I don’t like pre-planning that far ahead in case it all falls flat and you don’t end up getting in. And then you put a lot of energy into something that you didn’t need to do.

“And trust me, I need all the energy I can get at my age; I’m not gonna waste it on stuff until I have to. Now we will start thinking about who’s gonna do it.

“And I suppose [Mott the Hoople frontman] Ian [Hunter] would be one of the people we would think about if he’s available and wants to do it. We’re open-minded. We’re also realistic that some people might not wanna do it. We’ll see.”

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