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David Lee Roth says he changed his artist name after 40 years

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David Lee Roth says he changed his artist name after 40 years

Van Halen‘s frontman David Lee Roth said he had changed his stage name. Now, as announced by the singer himself, he introduces himself as David L. Roth or just El Roth.


The news was revealed in one of his paintings, released on Twitter last in June 22. The art was inspired by the crisis caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus and protests against police violence and racism motivated after the assassination of George Floyd by a white policeman in the United States.

David Lee Roth wants to be called David L. Roth or El Roth

Amid the illustration, the vocalist explains that he changed his name to David L. Roth, or simply El Roth, under the influence of the country group Lady Antebellum. The band changed its name to Lady A, as announced a few days ago. As a way to recognize that “Antebellum” referred to a negative past for the black American community.

In Latin, the word “antebellum” means “before the war”. In the United States, the term refers specifically to the period of secessionism of the Confederate States of America, agrarian and slave, resulting in a civil war.

Active in the music market since the early 1970s, David Lee Roth did not explain the connection between the name “Lee” and the situation that occurred with the group Lady A and its old name, Lady Antebellum. The art released by the singer brings only the observation: “David ‘Lee’ Roth changes his name! Diamond Dave, following the example of Lady Antebellum (now, Lady A), will be leaving ‘Lee’. From now on, he wants to be called ‘David L. Roth’ or simply ‘El Roth’ “.

It was not clear whether the new name will be adopted in all the ventures of the singer, who, in addition to being part of Van Halen, has been performing solo and venturing into the fine arts and other areas.

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