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David Crosby gives an advice for someone who fears death

David Crosby

Classic Rock

David Crosby gives an advice for someone who fears death

The 79-year-old David Crosby (The Byrds, CSN) talked did a session of questions and answers with Rolling Stone, replying to fans questions about life, politics, music and more. One fan asked Crosby about fearing death, saying: “David, I’m roughly your age and I’ve survived a few major medical scares, but they’ve left deep scars and I really feel like my clock is ticking. Death is on my mind all the time and I find it hard to enjoy life. You don’t seem to have that problem. How can us old people enjoy the time we have left, especially in the era of COVID when it’s near-impossible to leave our homes.”


David Crosby answered the question saying:

“OK, this one’s fairly simple. You have a certain amount of time. You don’t know how much. Maybe I’ve got two weeks; maybe I’ve got two years – maybe I got 20 years! The question is not how much time you have, the question is what are you gonna do with that time. It seems to me that if you spend that time agonizing over the fact that you’re gonna die, you’re wasting that time.”

“If you spend that time doing everything you can to be happy, to help other people, to create, to make new things – to make anything better for anybody – if you spend your time doing positive stuff like that, then the time that you have left – whatever amount it is – will be well-spent. And that I think is the key.”

“If you try that really hard – try to stay positive and try to think about today and the fact that you may die tomorrow buy you’ve got today, so why don’t you use the heck out of today? That’s a good idea. That’s how I see it.”

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