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David Coverdale talks about the Whitesnake farewell tour

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David Coverdale talks about the Whitesnake farewell tour

Whitesnake was forced to cancel their farewell tour in 2022 because David Coverdale was treating a persisten upper respiratory infection. Almost one year later the musician is still not in good shape to continue to the tour and he talked about it in an interview with Eddie Trunk (Transcribed by Blabbermouth).


He said he would love to say he would be back on the road soon, but it depends on his health. The musician also said that he would love to perform again in Japan, United States and South America.

David Coverdale talks about the Whitesnake farewell tour

“To be able to tell people we’re touring next year, I would love to. I keep getting invitations to Japan, but I really physically have to be well. Emotionally, technically, I can go out and do it. Physically is the question. And to watch people getting sick wasn’t fun. It was tough out there — very tough… Our friend Steve Vai, he jammed with us at Hellfest, and then it just went downhill from there.”

“I was stuck in Milan for 10 days and just not getting any better. So we had to cancel Milan, and then we had to cancel Vienna. And it was just costing so much money to be out there, and no recovery in sight. And I literally flew home July the 4th, and it took all that time to actually — and an assortment of the worst antibiotics, I think, I’ve ever had to take, coupled with prednisone, which I don’t recommend to anyone. That’s big-fat-face stuff — steroids. So, yeah, it was very challenging in every way, shape and form for a long time.”

Coverdale continued:

“Well, really, yes, of course. There were two choices — one, to be able to go out. I went out with people I adore, which included the Whitesnake crew, which were just warriors beyond. Japan I’d love to pay my respects to; the U.S., my adopted home; South America — I would love to do this. As you know — we discussed before — I was hoping to retire at 69, which I felt was the entirely appropriate age for the singer of Whitesnake. However, it was not to be.”

“That Covid bastard thing… I had a blast with the musicians, there’s no question at all. Tanya, who was so electrifying as a performer, was just broken-hearted. She felt like she found the perfect boyfriend in her band brothers, and suddenly it was taken away from her. So, yes, I would like to fulfill that, rather than do a video going, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you for 50 years.’ It doesn’t feel right for essentially a live performer,” David Coverdale said.

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