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David Coverdale talks about his currently health struggle

David Coverdale 2020

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David Coverdale talks about his currently health struggle

Whitesnake leader David Coverdale is currently facing a health issue in the middle of the pandemic outbreak. The band was forced to cancel all his 2020 tour due to his bilateral hernias problem. The singer talked about it in an interview with Appetite for Distortion podcast.


David Coverdale said about his currently health problem:

“I can only do so much physically because I’m suffering from two bilateral hernias, which made their very unwelcome presence felt at my first show in Melbourne earlier this year. So I have to have that surgically addressed as soon as possible. Right now, understandably, it’s not something to bring to the front line.

“Hospitals are all engaged with coronavirus victims, quite understandably, so I’ll have to exercise patience and just not strain myself. You know, I had to cancel a world tour; when you cancel one show, it’s heartbreaking, but to cancel a world tour which was sold out? Just devastating, it truly is. It’s never been harder in my mind to have to cancel a world tour.

Whitesnake recently released the new song “Always the Same”:

“We’re gonna rethink the whole thing, and hopefully people won’t pressure the local governments to open things earlier because we’ll have, from reading the BBC, there’s a second wave of this virus coming up when people leave self-isolation too early, so it’s a very challenging time.”

David Coverdale continued:

“I have a lot of friends going through the AA program and they have a remarkable philosophy, which is, ‘One day at a time.’ That’s why I try not to be preachy on my website, but one day at a time is how I’m dealing with it.

“I’m not planning anything next week. Yesterday, my wife and I prepared dinner, and it was warm enough for the first time. You know, we live in the mountains in the Sierra Nevada, it was a beautiful spring day and warm enough to actually go and eat in the garden.

“And it just such a difference because it’s been really cold, snowing, and raining, so that was just really uplifting for the spirit, so if you can get outside and get fresh air without compromising yourself or others, I strongly advocate it.”

People are looking for comfort and some sort of normalcy, so whether you go outside and listening to music or…

“Yeah, without being preachy, we all know it’s dangerous. Well, there’s a couple of idiots here and there, and this will never go away unless we hunker down and adhere to what the doctors are recommending.

“If you care for your personal well-being, your family, your children… I want my children coming out of it with some kind of future, so all of my family are taking this very seriously.

“We video-conference while we’re having dinner, which is really kind of as close as we can get twice a week.”

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