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David Coverdale explains why he doesn’t want an autobiography

David Coverdale

Classic Rock

David Coverdale explains why he doesn’t want an autobiography

Besides records and concert tickets, Rock stars also sell a lot of books when they released their autobiographies that usually tell all the crazy stories that many people don’t know about it. But the Whitesnake leader David Coverdale said in an interview with Paltrocast (Transcribed by Blabbermouth) that he wouldn’t like to write one because he is “not interested in hurting anybody”.


The musician first achieved fame as Ian Gillan‘s replacement in Deep Purple and recorded two classic albums with the group before forming his own band Whitesnake.

David Coverdale explains why he doesn’t want an autobiography

“If I do a book, (my wife) wants me to call it — what everybody says — ‘Soldier Of Fortune’, which is a well-known song I wrote with Ritchie (Blackmore) a lifetime ago. She said she feels ‘How White Was My Snake?’ is too diminishing to my legacy.”

“But the problem is I can’t do it, ’cause I can’t not be honest about this, that and the other, who’s the inspiration (for) this song, who was that… It would be a spilling of the beans, which I’m not interested in hurting anybody, and particularly my family. So I’ve been working now with my head of video on another concept which I think could be significantly more interesting and not as fucking boring as a biography,” David Coverdale said.

Whitesnake was forced to cancel their farewell tour in 2022 because David Coverdale was treating a persisten upper respiratory infection. Almost one year later the musician is still not in good shape to continue to the tour.

He recently said he would love to say he would be back on the road soon, but it depends on his health. The musician also said that he would love to perform again in Japan, United States and South America.

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