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Dave Navarro talks about how he came to plan suicide details

Dave Navarro playing guitar

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Dave Navarro talks about how he came to plan suicide details

The last few months have been quite difficult for the entertainment world as we are losing names of the most important in a most sad way.


Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade are some of the names that committed suicide, and much has been said about the motives that drive people to take their own lives.

Dave Navarro, a guitarist known for his work on bands such as Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers, returned to the subject after Bourdain’s death and even confessed to detailing his plans to take his own life.

By posting a photo with the logo and website address of the Suicide Prevention line in the United States,

Navarro said:

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I can’t speak to anyone else’s thoughts or actions but I can speak from my own experience. I have been there, written “the note”, had the plan, the stockpile of meds, how to disperse my property among my family. I was ready to go. Luckily, as a last ditched effort, I reached out. I spoke to my closest friends and loved ones. I sought therapy and at times, psychiatry, alternative medicines, even hospitalization. Whatever it took. What I learned is that through the process, circumstances and feelings shift. As the tide comes in and rolls out, the universe takes many shapes and constantly evolves. We are made of the same stuff. We are constantly changing and evolving and flowing… sometimes scary, sometimes beautiful, sometimes lonely, sometimes supported. Hang in there to allow the process and the shapes to change. I can tell you 100% that they do. Please reach out if you find yourself in the darkness. There is no darkness without light. Try to be willing to let it find you. #mentalhealthawareness @musicares #musicares @abovegroundorg

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