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Dave Mustaine talks about the key to solve problems in life

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Dave Mustaine talks about the key to solve problems in life

The Megadeth founder, guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine talked with Rock Antenne (Transcribed by Blabbermouth) about his time with Metallica and when recalling that he wasn’t happy by losing his job when he was fired from the band, he gave an advice about what is the key in life to solve problems.


Mustaine formed Megadeth in 1983, right after he was fired from Metallica and since then they became one of the biggest Thrash Metal bands of all time. They have released 16 studio albums and sold an estimated amount of almost 40 million records worldwide.

Nowadays the band is formed by Mustaine, Kiko Loureiro (Guitar), James LoMenzo (Bass) and Dirk Verbeuren (Drums).

Dave Mustaine talks about the key to solve problems in life

“Well, I don’t really talk about my time with Metallica. I don’t bring it up. So if someone brings it up, I’ll answer the question, but I usually don’t bother doing that. ‘Cause I think in a way that kind of gives the impression that I need to talk about them in order for me to feel good about myself.”

“And I don’t — I don’t. I feel good about who I am just ’cause I feel good about who I am. It has nothing to do with bands that I’ve played in in the past. And if it was, I would say of the three bands that I was in that I enjoyed Panic and Megadeth more than I did in Metallica because we did argue a lot.”

He continued:

“I loved playing with those guys, but it was meant for a season. And I look back on that time with a lot of fondness. I used to not, because I was still hurt from losing my job, but now I know, basically, that things happen for a reason, no matter what they are, and whether I was still in that group or not, that was outta my hands.”

“And once I accept those things… Acceptance is the key to all of my problems today. If there’s something happening in my life and I can’t change it, and I spend my time wasting energy and effort to try and change something I cannot change, man, you’re gonna go nuts. So I’ve chosen to find the happier things in life,” Dave Mustaine said.

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