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Dave Mustaine says he is bothered by Metallica attitude towards Big 4 and Kirk Hammett

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Dave Mustaine says he is bothered by Metallica attitude towards Big 4 and Kirk Hammett

Dave Mustaine talked with Eddie Trunk about the possibility of new Big 4 tour. And he said that he is bothered by Metallica’s attitude towards the bands.


Read what he said:

Dave Mustaine wants Big 4 shows before Slayer finishes

“I think if you asked the three of us [Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax] that our camps would probably say yes.

“If Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth all wanna do it, and Metallica doesn’t, then what do we do? The Big 3?

Metallica hologram

“I’m sure that a lot of people would like to see that, and that may be what it is. You know, you may end up having it be the Big 3 plus No. 5, if we have Exodus play with it.

“But it’s not about just doing concerts for the sake of concerts – it was about the movement, it was about what we did together as a group. And excluding Anthrax, we were all like neighbors almost, ’cause we all lived so close; it was just a half hour to an hour at the most between each other’s houses on the freeway.

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“So I think it would be great to do more Big 4 stuff – do one in Japan, do one in South America — we never did one in South America, we haven’t done one in Asia. Give the people an opportunity to see it before it goes away forever.”

And about great moments in the previously Big 4, he said:

“Not really. They all had significance to it. I think that the playing at the end was fun too.

Megadeth 2017

“But I think it always kind of soured to me when you watch Kirk Hammett say on the DVD [‘The Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria’], when they’re praying, and he says that ‘we’re the Big One.’

“That just kind of shows you how the mentality was there – that it really wasn’t the Big 4; it was Metallica and then the three of us.

Anthrax yellow

“I would love to see it done in a way where we all got treated fairly and we all played together, same amount of time, same kind of stage situation, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

“And it’s cool, because Slayer’s gonna down in history, and they don’t need the Big 4 to make them any more legendary than they already are. Nor do I.”

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