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Dave Grohl says why he stopped doing drugs

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Dave Grohl says why he stopped doing drugs

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl talked about his relation with drugs, explaining to The Sydney Morning Herald why he don’t take drugs anymore.


Read what he said:

“One thing I did before Nirvana became popular was I stopped doing drugs.

Dave Grohl drugs

“By the time I was 20, I just stopped doing that stuff because it didn’t make me feel emotionally, mentally or physically healthy.

“I have a drink every now and again, sure, but if you want to weather a career like I’ve done, you can’t do this shit half-assed.

“It’s challenging and you have to try and keep your head – there’s a lot going on around you all the time and with time you get better at keeping on top of it all.”

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And he also said that he is not a fan of the phrase “live fast die young”.

“I’ve read millions of those biographies, I’ve seen friends fall victim to it. It sucks.

“If I could grab every person who thinks that’s the way you should live your life and sit them down and say, ‘Listen to these horror stories’, they’d maybe think differently.

Dave Grohl guitar

“But who I am to tell anyone else how to live their life. All I know is from my own personal experience and I choose life each and every time.”

And about The Foo Fighters he said:

“People say the Foo Fighters are old and we should stop doing this. [Laughs]

“We have never been a cool band, we have always been on the outside of what is going on – when there was nu metal, we weren’t cool, where there was a buzz for skinny-tie New Wave rock from New York, we weren’t cool, when it turned to computers, we weren’t cool.

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“To me, we do what makes us jump out of our skin and feel alive. We have fans who feel the same. This is my food, my energy my fuel, it’s my life. I’m not gonna change a thing.”

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