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Dave Grohl says he’s happy for not taking Foo Fighters to the Grammy’s

Dave Grohl at CALJAM

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Dave Grohl says he’s happy for not taking Foo Fighters to the Grammy’s

The night of the Grammy Awards is definitely the most important of the year for the music industry. But they are not all that can attend, since the agenda of certain artists is sometimes very full.


But there is no way to please everyone, and priorities are priorities. The Academy of the Prize itself had to make a choice by taking the rock categories of the ceremony transmitted to the whole world. Because of this, many do not know that names like Mastodon and The War On Drugs received the infamous gramophones the night of January 28.

Dave Grohl speech

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Speaking of priorities, members of the Foo Fighters were also unable to attend the ceremony. The reason? They were swimming in Australia.

It turns out that along with other big names in world rock, Foo Fighters won a prize, yes. Having two nominations at night, they won the category “Best Rock Song” with the song “Run.” They were also nominated for “Best Rock Performance” with the same song, but lost to “You Want It Darker” by Leonard Cohen.

Dave Grohl microphone

Members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins gave an interview for the Australian vehicle The Project recently. In the conversation, they were asked about the prize they won.

Read what Grohl said:

“I discovered that we had only won in the morning because of the time zone. I woke up, and when I went to look at my cell phone, I asked myself, ‘Why did I get 57,000 messages?’ When I went to read, they were all something like ‘Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!”.

The singer also commented that he was happy with the prize. For him, the biggest reward of this is still being able to hold great shows and still have a loyal fan base. But when asked if he wanted to be there with the Foo Fighters.

Read what he said:

“I’d rather be here, man! We’ve been touring here for a week and a half. We spent five days at Bryon and we are swimming in the ocean. Everybody said, ‘We wanted them to be here at the Grammy Awards.’ It was cold there! It’s winter there! Here is the right place to be”.

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