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Dave Grohl reveals the first thing that happened to him after he joined Nirvana

Dave Grohl says he is tired to be questioned if “Rock is really dead”

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Dave Grohl reveals the first thing that happened to him after he joined Nirvana

Dave Grohl remembered the time he joined Nirvana back in 1990 just as they were about to explode with 1991’s “Nevermind,” explaining to GQ Magazine during a recent interview.


Read what he said:

“You know the very first thing that happened to me when I joined Nirvana? The very first time I stepped properly into the music industry and handed over my trust to someone else, outside of my punk-rock friends and family in DC? I got sued.

Dave Grohl Foo Fighters

“Some piece of paper I signed in a van outside a Denny’s diner when I was in a band called Scream, starving, nothing to lose, not thinking any of this would go anywhere.

“Then I signed with Nirvana and I got sued for $40,000 straight out of the gate because some guy said I was still under contract with him. And that sucked.”

Dave Grohl interview

During the rest of the chat, Dave went all the way to his teenage years and his relationship with his father Jim – who was a journalist and a Republican speechwriter on Capitol Hill – saying:

“I was in a punk-rock band called Mission Impossible – terrible name – a band I wasn’t supposed to be in because my grades were so poor. Of course, I still did it. The punk-rock scene in Washington, DC at that time was proudly DIY. You’d book the hall yourself, book the PA, pay for security, then you’d make the flyers yourself and pray people turned up.

Dave Grohl speech

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“We booked the Bethesda Community Centre, designed the invite and invited all our friends. Two days before, however, my mother is going out of town and my dad calls, leaves an answering machine message: ‘David. Let’s go for dinner Friday night. Call me back.’

“But our gig was Friday night, so I just don’t call back. Instead, I did the show. It was this huge triumph. I made, like, $200 – I felt like Warren fucking Buffett. It felt like a milestone achievement in my life. I was so proud.”

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