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Dave Evans says he is the best AC/DC singer

Dave Evans

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Dave Evans says he is the best AC/DC singer

The singer Dave Evans was one of the members of AC/DC in the early days before the band evolved and started to compose their own songs. He was their lead vocalist from 1973 to 1974, recording the single “Can I Sit Next To You, Girl/Rocking In The Parlour”. But he was eventually fired before the group recorded their first album.


After that, the musician was part of many other groups like Rabbit and Thunder Down Under, starting a solo career in 2000. Since then, he released five studio albums and four EPs, focusing on AC/DC on his live shows, even performing classics composed after he was no longer a member of the group, like “Highway To Hell”.

In an interview with José Luis Mata Sanchez, he was asked to choose which one was the best: Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. But he decided to choose himself as the best AC/DC singer.

Dave Evans says he is the best AC/DC singer

“Well, first, Dave Evans is the best, of course. That’s me, okay? Of course. And most of my fans will tell you exactly that, too. I’m not just making it up. After concerts, if you come to one of my concerts, you can make up your own mind, okay? But they call me maestro, which I love. So it’s nice to be called maestro,” Dave Evans said.

But after praising himself, the musician explained that Bon Scott and Brian Johnson can’t really be compared in his opinion. He believes they are both really different and represent two different eras of the band.

“But they’re both completely different,” he continued, referencing the original question about Bon and Brian. “And you can’t compare them. You can’t compare me either with Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. So that’s an unfair question. You’ll only get a Bon or a Brian from someone who’s biased,” Dave Evans said.

The musician also said that a real AC/DC fan doesn’t praise only Johnson’s and Scott’s era, they also need to hear and consider his time with the band. Because as he said, there would be no AC/DC if the first members of the band haven’t been there.

He continued:

“If you’re an AC/DC fan, you must embrace the whole band, because first of all, there was the five founding members, and I’m one of ’em,” Evans explained. “Without us, there’s no AC/DC at all. So if you’re an AC/DC fan, then you must be a fan of the whole band. And if you’re biased against one or the other, then you’re not really an AC/DC fan. If you’re a Bon Scott AC/DC fan or a Brian Johnson AC/DC fan, you’re a fan of part of the band. But if you say you’re an AC/DC fan, then you must embrace the whole band. Otherwise you’re not an authentic and real AC/DC fan.”

“So, yeah, the real AC/DC fans, they love AC/DC,” Dave added. “And it’s changed so much over the years. We had three bass players by the time I split from the band. We had three drummers by the time we split from the band, we had three managers. Without all that history, there’s no Bon Scott era. There’s none. And without Bon — he was there for six years, I think, before he died. And then the Brian Johnson era came.”

“So without Bon and Dave, there’s no Brian. Without Dave, there’s no Bon. And so that’s the whole band. It must be celebrated by all the fans and any fan that disparages any one of us can’t call themselves AC/DC fans, and they should be completely ashamed of themselves,” Dave Evans said.

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