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Christopher Cross had temporary paralysis of the legs due to Covid-19

Christopher Cross

Classic Rock

Christopher Cross had temporary paralysis of the legs due to Covid-19

Even though he recovered from the Covid-19  he contracted a few weeks ago, “Ride Like The Wind” the Classic Rock singer Christopher Cross announced that his recovery left him bedridden with a temporary paralysis of his legs. On april 16th, the musician posted a message on social media, saying that although he tested positive for COVID-19 and was “very sick”, fortunately, “he did not develop respiratory complications”.


Christopher Cross said about recovering from Covid-19:

“Dear Friends, i want to thank you for kind words and to let you know how i am doing. As you know, last month i got Covid-19 virus. It took a long while to get the test and by the time i got a test i was already out of the infection window.”

“I had become very ill but fortunately i did not develop respiratory complications. I feel so sad about all the souls lost to this pandemic. After being sick for weeks i slowly started to recover; unfortunately as a consequence of Covid-19 other problems were caused. At present i am suffering from intense muscle weakness and temporary paralysis of my legs – i am unable to walk.”

“However, physicians have assured me that i will recover. I have already begun physical therapy and am optimistic about improving. My girlfriend has been my angel throughout all of this. my management team, good friends and family have all been amazing. In addition, i have a wonderful medical team.”

“I wanted to let you know my situation, and that i will get past this. I look foward to beginning my 40th Anniversary Tour soon and when i do, i hope to see you all. Again, than you for your kindness and support. Love Christopher.”

“PS: i am not available for media interviews at this time, apologies”


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