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Charlie Benante about Slayer end: “What’s Gonna Be Left? These Shitty Bands That Are Coming Up Now?”

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Charlie Benante about Slayer end: “What’s Gonna Be Left? These Shitty Bands That Are Coming Up Now?”

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante gave his opinion about Slayer retirementon Cobras & Fire podcast.


Read what he said:

“I think I’ve known for a while now that some of the guys in the band maybe were feeling it a bit at this point, and I can totally understand that, because I feel it too.

“I guess when I saw it yesterday, it kind of hit home with me a bit. I actually got a feeling of putting a time stamp on things.

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“I never look at age. The only time I look at age is when someone brings it to my attention or someone posts my birthday in the papers and stuff like that; that’s when I look at it.

“Or nowadays, it’s become really common for the people that I looked up to who are now passing on. So when Slayer put that thing out yesterday, it kind of hit me in a way that was, ‘Fuck, man! This ride is… Maybe we’re all coming to the end of our ride here a bit.’

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“And I think it probably startled a lot of people, both musicians, both the fans. I think life is starting to catch up to all of us.

“Fans are just… I think they’re all worried now that, what’s gonna be left? These shitty bands that are coming up now?”

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