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Cannibal Corpse guitarist is arrested for stealing a house and threatening the police


Cannibal Corpse guitarist is arrested for stealing a house and threatening the police

Guitarist Pat O’Brien from Cannibal Corpse was arrested for robbery and for threatening a police officer after breaking into a house in Florida. Meanwhile, the guitarist’s own house caught fire.


O’Brien allegedly broke into a house and ran into the yard. When the policemen arrived, the guitarist didn’t obey the orders and threatened one of the agents with a knife. Then the guitarist was knocked over with a taser and taken away.

At the same time, firefighters battled to put out the fire in the house where O’Brien lived. Apparently, the guitarist ran away from home as soon as the firemen arrived. The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed, but firefighters have had difficulty erasing it because of a “military-style flamethrower” on site.

O’Brien was indicted for assault and for threatening a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon.

The band

Cannibal Corpse is a death metal band from Buffalo, New York, now based in Tampa, Florida. Formed in December 1988, the band has released fourteen studio albums, two box sets, four video albums, and two live albums.

The band has had little radio or television exposure throughout its career, although a cult following began to build after the release of the 1991 album Butchered at Birth and 1992 album Tomb of the Mutilated. As of 2015, they achieved worldwide sales of two million units for combined sales of all their albums, making them the top-selling death metal band of all time.

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