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Bryan Adams offered himself to be the vocalist of Rainbow

Bryan Adams

Classic Rock

Bryan Adams offered himself to be the vocalist of Rainbow

Born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada back in 1959, the famous singer and guitarist Bryan Adams became primarily known for ballads like “Heaven” and “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You”. However, the musician has a very broad musical taste and co-wrote songs with Kiss and even recently photographed the cover of Rammstein’s most recent album “Zeit”.


Now the musician said in an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, reposted by the legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, that he offered himself to be the next Rainbow vocalist, in case the British musician decides to tour again with the band.

Bryan Adams offered himself to be the vocalist of Rainbow

“My first thought when I heard Classic Rock wanted me as a Guest Editor was? ‘Hell yeah, I’m gonna ask my favorite guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, to do an interview with me’. I managed to get in touch and we had some good email conversations, but alas we didn’t do an interview.”

“I did, however, offer my services to be the lead singer for his next incarnation of Rainbow if he ever toured Japan again. He said: ‘I might take you up on that’,” Bryan Adams said.

Rainbow was formed by Ritchie Blackmore in 1975 after he decided to leave Deep Purple. The band’s first singer was Ronnie James Dio, who stayed with the band until 1979. Then the group had Graham Bonnet for only one year, until 1980, then hiring Joe Lynn Turner, who was with the group until 1984 when Blackmore reunited with Deep Purple.

After leaving his original band again in 1993, he reactivated Rainbow with Doogie White, staying on the road until 1997. The last incarnation of Rainbow had Ronnie Romero as the singer.

The two singers who recorded the most with the band were the late Dio and Joe Lynn Turner, both were part of three studio records. Doogie White and Bonnet only recorded one studio album with the band.

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