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Bruce Springsteen talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

Bruce Springsteen

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Bruce Springsteen talks about the Covid-19 pandemic

The legendary Bruce Springsteen talked on the E Street Radio show about the Covid-19 pandemic that already killed more than 300.000 around the world in only 4 months. The musician gave his opinion on how life will be after this sad moment. He recently performed in an online festival with Bon Jovi that helped the New Jersey community.


Bruce Springsteen said about the Covid-19 pandemic:

“As hard as it is to believe right now, your children will go back to school. Churches will be open and full. You will once again hug and kiss family members at your gatherings. You will shout over the noise of a crowded bar to order a drink and speak to your friends. Buy a hot dog at Yankee Stadium. You will walk through the streets of your hometown, free and easy.”

“You may hold a complete stranger on a crowded dance floor. And 50,000 people will once again scream their heads off somewhere in New Jersey. He laughed at the observation of how important weather has become to him. And revealed that at 4PM every day, he makes a point of having “a shot and a beer” or “a little vodka and soda.”

“I am on my way to shortly putting a new shine on this whole experience. I take no shame in it, at this place and time, to looking into something that is gonna fuck me up.”

“While we were waiting for the apocalypse, it had already happened. When this experience is over, I am gonna throw the wildest party you have ever seen – and you, my friends, are all invited.”

In 2019 Bruce Springsteen released a solo album (without E Street Band) called Western Stars that was the first unreleased record since Wrecking Ball 2012.

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